Manage largest part of your Facebook pages - covers.

App comes with free and premium versions (default account is free).

*Important - this app is now part of!

EasyCovers24 has been merged into our main scheduler app -, where you can schedule not just FB covers, but also do much, much more - e.g. schedule and queue posts, colaborate in teams, browse analytics, add watermarks, create engaging images etc.
To read more about how we introduced Covers Scheduling into Postfity, open this article.

Current app's dashboard - - will work till 31.03.2018, after which it will no longer be supported.

Postfity app

Scheduling suited to your needs

Multiple usage possibilities, thanks to many scheduling modes app offers:

Date Scheduler

Sets cover photos to appear at
specific dates. Use it to promote
events, product launches etc!

Time Interval Scheduler

Use covers almost as sliders - let them replace one another after specified time period. Many marketing possibilites!

It's all super easy

With user friendly interface, you just connect fanpage, set photo, type & timing, watch the magic happens!

Day Scheduler

Assigns covers to days of the week! Example usage - promote events that take place specific day of week.

No. of Fans Scheduler

Sets cover when your page reaches specific number of fans. Very accurate way to celebrate (and show off;)

It's all free / very affordable

There is free account available, and we've also got very affordable premium accounts (just 15$ for maxed-out one!). Compare account types here.

Facebook timeline heatmap studies

Why timeline cover is so important?

Recent studies based on webcam eye-tracking show, that people visiting Facebook pages tends to focus less on single posts or ads. Rather than that, they spend more time looking at cover photo.

Today multitude of social marketing projects is so vast, you need to deliver right information as fast as you can. Cover photos are both the first and the largest parts of Facebook pages. They make the first impression on visitor, everyone notice them.

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